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Monday, 4 September 2017

Simple Techniques that will make you the Best Student

My first year in school was one of the worst year of my life. At the beginning everything seems perfect and easy, I'm very happy to gain admission into university, it's my dream to go to school study and be the best, everything I wished for in life.

I got to school and meet new people, different people from different states, i have some friends and go to party. My mistakes started the moment I started thinking about girls and party more than my studies. I miss classes, assignments and attendance.

I see my friends, departmental mates going to classes at night to read, I will be like! Is it more than what they teach in class? Is there anything else I need to know? I don't go for tutorials or group reading, days after days.

I performed poorly in my tests but I believe it's just test and I will do better in exams. Mistake ( your tests will cover for exams). I don't know this, my friends keep telling me we will read for exams and pass but it's just another big mistake.

Examination time; what do I do?  I don't know, I started reading what I don't understand, copying notes, run after for if I will see someone to put me through but every student reading for exams and lecturers busy with exams questions.

It's too late, I admit it, I ran out of ideas and go to exam hall with empty head, nothing to write.

The results came out and it was so poor I started thinking of quitting school and go do something else, but if I fail in school, I said to myself I may not do great somewhere else, it's not just about the school, i just don't want to be a failure. I don't want to let myself down and my parents either.

Then I do away with my old friends, meet students that are serious and doing well. I realised my mistakes and I learnt to read, go to classes to read. It's positive, though my results is not what I planned for but I'm happy because I don't quit and I find my way back on track.

The techniques are simple, Just try to practice it and I'm sure you will be among the best.

1)  Don't miss classes: 

some people think it doesn't matter if you go to class or miss the class, they believe what is important is the note and they will read and understand. No!! It doesn't work like that, lecturers always give important points in class, sometimes your will know your test and exams questions in class.
Every information is very crucial to your study. And the funny part is, lecturers knows those who attend classes, and your lecturer can decide to give test anytime, when you miss that it's gone and will affect your result at the end of the semester.

2) Pay attention in class: 

don't be among those that disturb the class, coming to class is important but it's better you don't come than to come and disturb the class. You don't just distract yourself, you also distract the teacher and other students in class. Take note of everything thing your lecturer says, it's definitely going to help you.

3) Always write something in class:

 your brain cannot assimilate all what your lecturer says in class, that's why you go to class with pen. Always make sure you write something down in class, take a note and don't miss the vital point.

4) The Big step:

 it's difficult for some people to read, especially when it bulky, but when you get home immediately you take some minutes out of your time, read what you have learnt in class, and make sure you understand. When you read like that you will never forget, keep updating yourself everyday after class. That's how the best does it.

5) Go for tutorials and group reading: 

this is very important, reading alone can be very boring. You will get tired and distracted easily, but when you are with people that share the same idea as you, in the same line of study. You will all share views and ask questions you don't understand. Go to people that knows better, it doesn't matter if the person is your mate, don't let your pride get in your way. When you ask questions, you will get answers.

6) Bring your reading to practical: 

Like I said, you can get bored when reading, but when you practice what you are reading, give yourself a real life example. You will understand better, don't just cram, read, practice it and you will never forget it.

All this are the simple steps you just need to succeed in school, this doesn't stop you from having fun, doing other things that will enhance your knowledge. Your first year in school will or may determine your career, don't take it for granted.

In every aspect of life, always try to put your best. Seek for knowledge, don't make friends with people that care so much about things that will not benefit. Nobody is above mistake but every mistake will surely hunt you later in the future.


Friday, 1 September 2017

Best way to Overcome your Fears!!

Fear lives in mind of everyone, it's in our heads and everyday will live with fear. Those who can overcome their fears are the conqueror, don't never let your fears break you. Do what you fear and fear disappears (David Joseph Schwartz).

Fear and courage are brothers, the moment you believe in yourself, be courageous enough to make necessary risk, you will achieve your goals.

The basic fears we face in life and how to handle them:

Fear of failure:

Some people have failed already before they started. Believe in yourself, you can do it. The question is not if you can do it it's how you will do it and make it successful. Don't let the failure of others determine how you do things or live your life, if you believe you can do it you will do it. Keep trying and believe me, you will get it right.

Fear of commitment:

Like its always been said, when you do it with all you got, you will get all you want. Everything, everyone or business needs your attention, time and commitment. Always make sure you do what's best and put all you got. That's the only way you can be better at whatever you do. An advice, don't run away from your responsibility, successful people are those who knows what it takes to succeed and keep doing it.
Time is money, don't waste your time chasing money and forget what's important behind, always know what is next and take your time to do what is right.

Fear of success:

Just opposite of failure, you have learnt, grow your, and do everything necessary to get it right. You have it and it's all as it planned. How do you handle it and keep it on track. It's easy, look back at where you coming from, do an analysis of your best and worst moments. Don't get over yourself because you succeeded, it's hard to acquire but easy to dispose. When you succeed a lot of things will arise, rumors, media, press, and competitors will come to take over, that's effect of success. All you need to do is to stay positive and don't get distracted, learn from your mistakes.
Remember, to get to the top is hard but so easy to fall.
Do what's best for you, be committed and stay on track.

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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Take Pride in your Failures and Build your Confidence

To many failing in one or two ways can be the worst thing that happened to them. Doing same thing over and over again can be frustrating, stressful and sometimes discouraging.

But those that feel discouraged and quit are the biggest loser. In every aspect of life, the only person that can stop you from reaching your goals is you. The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in person's determination (Tommy larsoda).

Life is not always smooth and will not be. We are human, we grow and develop ourselves through pains, disappointments, lies, anger and emotional pains. That is the beauty of life, through this you learn and develop yourself to be the best in life.

          Do the right thing:

Everything in life is about passion, when you know what you are going into you will understand what it takes to succeed. Take your time to know what's best for you, do your research, chose the best and what's best for you. One of the biggest mistake is going into a business you know nothing about, or doing what you already know it's not what you want. I don't think there will be a way to succeed in doing that. You need to ask yourself a big question. What did I want in life?  What am I really good at? When you discover the real you, you are already on your way to success.

          Take pride in things you do:

Whatever you do you do it for a reason, I believe you don't start a business just to end it half way, you will not go into a relationship because you want to fail on the relationship. Only a fool does that. When you believe in yourself, take pride in things you do and create value for people around you. Motivate yourself to do more even when it seems impossible. People become quite really remarkable when they start thinking they can do things. When they believe in themselves that they have first secret of success. (Norman Vincent Peale). The desire to do more is your decision, when you are happy with what you are doing you will be motivated to do better and give the best.

          Build your confidence:

Don't be afraid to fail, difficult times will definitely come. The only thing that will keep you going is the confidence you have in yourself, the believe that you are doing the right thing. When you live long enough you will make mistakes, but if you learn from them you will be a better person. It's how you handle adversity, now it's affects you. The main thing is you never quit (William j Clinton). Things may start well or other way round, but when you  keep your head up, do the right thing, take confidence and seek for knowledge. Things will always get right and you will be successful in life.


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The Big Step you need to take!!!

The reason most people are still poor in life is just because they are afraid, I will quote myself (those that try and fail are not failure, the failures are those that never try). You have to leave your comfort zone and try something new before you learn something new.

The most important thing is for you to keep trying until you get there, there's no impossible in life, for you to try to try and fail is an advantage, because you get to learn from your mistakes, you have courage to move forward and try to achieve big.

Simple truth; Don't give up.

You can do it, no matter how hard it gets, the future is bright, believe in yourself and keep your head up. Dream is not enough, bring your ideas to reality, dream reach and work like you don't have anything.

Engage yourself in something real. Remember only the poor will fight a million in one place while the reach gets it in million places, every investment worth the risk as long as you know what you are investing in. Don't think it takes too long to get a return, try invest now so that you will have something to live for in the future.

It's not always easy, determination, persistency is the most important tools you need.

Take a risk, invest now. The aim is not to look rich, is to be rich.


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Don't ask for Money!! Ask for Knowledge

Majority of people think money make people reach, they wake up everyday searching for money, going around and beg for money. Well, I don't blame people like that because they have live alone their lives thinking you can only make it if you ask for it.

But the truth is, you will never see money if you spend all your day searching for money. I was amazed when a friend of mine said to me that he doesn't have a problem because there's a lot of people who will give him money when he asked, they will give him for sure but he will continue living that low life until he realized he is not making money. You don't think like poor people because only the poor rely on another person, go for the impossible and have that mindset of possibility.
The only person that can stop you is you...

Why you should always ask for knowledge and not money, if you ask for money you will get it but the money will not be enough to make your dreams come true. If I have the opportunity to meet the richest man on earth, the only thing I will ask is how he manage to achieve that.

His money will help my situation but still leave me poor but his idea will be there for me forever.

Learn how to think ahead, know what's next so that you will not be confused, you don't work for money, do what we make people happy and they will make you rich.

Don't forget you are not a successful person if you don't make anybody a success, you are not a slave all you need is to seek for knowledge and pass it on.

Live life for others and you will get the rewards in full.

Monday, 14 August 2017

How to get the Best out of your Day!!!

It's another new day, a day that's full of many things. Drama, joke's, evil, the good and the bad.
This very day is going to be beautiful because there's a lot to learn, there's life and hope, and that's the most important thing.

What do you need to make the best out of today?

Set a goal : don't expect miracles, those who make it in life always have clear idea of where they are going, the next line of action. You can't just out there without knowing what to do, how it's going to be done, it's just like going to exam hall with empty head and mind you, it's difficult to cheat because everyone has his/her problem.

Have a plan : setting a goal is something, having a plan to achieve the goals is more important, your goal my brother the best but if you don't pursue it, it's definitely going to fail and you are back to the ground.
Don't complain when you fail, try again and again until you get it right then you can write a story of how it is to make it in life.

Don't spend your day thinking about what you need to do alone, take time to try it, if you fail don't give up. Life is easy if you do what's right at the right time and you never look back, take the critics and love those who criticize you because they are the ones that make you stronger. Look at everything from the bright side and learn to love.


The only way Forward!!!

Everyday people wake up to uncertainties, millions have zero ideas of what to do and how the day will be. Life is getting more difficult than ever, students are not happy and the situation is not friendly.
I am afraid to read the news because it has never been a good one, ASUU sending us home, politicians embezzling money, ritualist killing everywhere.
I keep asking myself, Is this the hell they talking about?  Or just the bad side of the world?
The big question is what is the way out?

Honestly I don't know, I'm sitting in the chair, with my heads up looking outside from the window and imagine what this life is, no light, no water, no education.

What is the way out? The youth are blaming the government and government is blaming bad politicians.
Where are we heading to? When are we going to embrace reality and stop dwelling in the past?
This problem is our problem and we have to admit it and take responsibility.
Prayers cannot solve this problem, stop running to the religious leaders when you don't have money, call your friends, create an idea, build something beautiful and try to create value.

People will not dash you money, they will purchase what you have to offer. You are the angel of yourself and you have to believe in you and not the government or anyone.
Don't think it's not possible, we will do it. I am not happy with the situation, but I'm optimistic about the situation.

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